Radiant Heat vs Forced Air

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Radiant Heat vs Forced Air


Radiant Heating Technology







Radiant Heating technologies, in particular Hydronic floor heating, are increasingly becoming an integral component of high performance green building design. Radiant heat is one of the low-temperature heating technologies that is believed to reduce energy consumption and perform efficiently under most building configurations.


In the United States, most homes and offices are equipped with air-conditioning systems that utilize the principle of convection and mechanical ventilation to circulate warm or cooled air indoors with built-in fans. As the technology relies solely on the forced distribution of treated air for maintaining thermal comfort and indoor air quality, it tries to balance the components of outdoor and return air to economize energy consumption by compromising on healthy indoor environment.
For all-air systems, problems with relatively high-energy use, high costs, poor indoor air quality, draught and noise, have often initiated explorations for new solutions for heating and cooling of buildings. Low temperature heating and high temperature cooling of buildings are potential solutions for these problems. One such approach involves technologies called radiant heating or cooling. The technology promises opportunities in energy efficiency of moving heat via air vs. water and cost effectiveness, while maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Thus, we move from the concept of Air-conditioning to Space conditioning.



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